ADD/ADHD Medication Abuse

RitalinThe majority of prescription medications in America are taken safely and properly by the intended recipient, but the growing trend of prescription drug abuse among teenagers and young adults can make many of these medications dangerous and even lethal.

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U.S. Drug Deaths Outnumber Traffic Fatalities

Due to the rise in prescription drug abuse, the number of drug-related deaths in the U.S. now outnumbers traffic fatalities, the Los Angeles Times reports.


Although the number of deaths from most preventable causes is declining across the nation, the death toll from drugs is steadily rising.  Every 14 minutes, someone in America dies from drugs.


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Prescription Drug Epidemic – Just Unbelievable

We are working on a few items about the unbelievable prescription drug epidemic to be published soon. It is so noticeable that the drugs people are getting high with are manufactured legally.... and offer the same results as previous "illicit" or "hardcore street drugs."

The question is, "Who's minding the shop?" When it comes to the FDA in approving these drugs and the lack of coordination with law enforcement and regulation of the pharmacy industry, there has been a complete breakdown and failure in communication.

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