Prescription Drug Epidemic – Just Unbelievable

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We are working on a few items about the unbelievable prescription drug epidemic to be published soon. It is so noticeable that the drugs people are getting high with are manufactured legally…. and offer the same results as previous “illicit” or “hardcore street drugs.”

The question is, “Who’s minding the shop?” When it comes to the FDA in approving these drugs and the lack of coordination with law enforcement and regulation of the pharmacy industry, there has been a complete breakdown and failure in communication.

So here’s how people got high in the 60s and 70s and how they get high now:

60’s/70s           Now

Heroin               OxyContin/Vicodin

Marijuana          Prescription Marijuana

Cocaine             Adderall/Ritalin

Amphetamines   Crystal Meth (okay so this is the exception)

The point we are making is that it is certainly a new day when it comes to how people are getting and using drugs.

Particularly the rise in popularity of OxyContin is alarming because heroin has been around for almost a century in the United States, but it was never as misunderstood as it’s most recent legalized forms oxycodone and hydrocodone. (Well perhaps in the early 20th century with laudanum and morphine people were in a similar situation of getting unwittingly hooked).

Use prescription drugs with extreme care and if they are becoming habit forming, talk to a professional – there is no shame in this!