Below are a few links that will provide useful for addiction treatment and drug addiction information.

National Institute on Drug Abuse Drugs of Abuse Information Page – A comprehensive page with information about drugs of abuse and also some information about treatment. – Very useful for learning the type of information that prescription drug manufacturers want you to have (but as we’ve covered extensively, you should do additional research to understand if the medication you’ve been prescribed is “habit forming” or addictive) – another resource which will provide some useful “manufacturer approved” information about drugs and side effects, but also contains a lot of good information in user reviews and forums (also – take information from users of the site with a grain of salt)

Samhsa Treatment Directory – an excellent resource to get a list of local treatment centers in your area.

Office of National Drug Control Policy – This is the official White House Drug Policy website. This website Outlines National Drug Control Strategy goals and objectives

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