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Spice is Not a Natural “Herbal High”

The term “Spice” is drug slang for a class of herbal concoctions that have gained a reputation as a safe and way to get high. Sold as incense or potpourri in convenience stores, head shops and over the Internet, Spice consists of a mixture of dried plant leaves and stems that have been soaked in synthetic chemicals. When smoked, Spice produces psychoactive (mind-altering) effects that have been compared by some to marijuana.

Many Spice products carry labels saying “not for human consumption.” Despite these labels, Spice is marketed as a natural “herbal high.” It has been sold since 2004 under a variety of names, including K2, Genie, Incense and Bliss.

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New Study on American Teen Drug Use

Teens and marijuanaProlonged use of marijuana by our nation’s students and the drug’s harmful effects were the focus of this year’s “Monitoring the Future” survey. This annual survey of students from the eighth, tenth and twelfth grades recently completed by researchers from the University of Michigan. The data was obtained from classrooms throughout the country earlier in the year and was licensed through a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The study reveals that 6.5% of high school twelfth graders smoke marijuana daily, compared to 5.1% only a few years ago. A surprising 23% admitted they had used the drug in the month before taking the survey and more than 36% confessed to using marijuana in the prior year. For tenth graders, 3.5% reported using the drug daily, 17% said they have used it within the past month, and 28% admitted using pot in the previous year. Only 1.1% of eight graders said they use the drug daily, and 6.5% of students used it within the past month. Over 11% of eight grade students admit they used the drug in the prior year.

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For Teens – Marijuana Can Have Lasting Effects on the Brain

The majority of marijuana users believe the myth that it’s a harmless, non-addictive drug. They may even extol the medicinal value of the drug, despite the fact that the FDA has never approved its use for the treatment of any medical conditions. They may not be aware that recent research indicates that marijuana use can have a lasting effect on the brain.

Dr. Nora D. Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, recently highlighted current marijuana research on the NIDA website. One of the most important research projects is a major new study that indicates that heavy marijuana use by teenagers can lead to a drop in IQ in adulthood.

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Marijuana Abuse and the Legalization Debate

The debate is long-lasting and as controversial as ever:  should marijuana use be legalized? Advocates of the legalization of the drug maintain that its usage does not involve health complications—at least none that are as significant or harmful as the ones that arise through inhaling cigarette smoke.  Additionally, they suggest that marijuana—most commonly used for medicinal and recreational purposes—poses no serious threat to society as a whole.  Beliefs such as these, regardless of veracity, have led to marijuana being the most widely used and abused drug.  Only alcohol consumption rivals it.

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Unbelievable Ambush of 12 Police in Mexico Underscores Cartel Mayhem

teloloapan police violenceThe stories of murders and public display of corpses are so out of hand in Mexico that they almost defy reality.  This latest chain of events is almost commonplace but sounds like it’s out of a movie.

After 10 people were beheaded in Teloloapan and their heads put on display in the street on Sunday, a team of police were sent in a convoy to crack down.  There was a message threatening the La Familia gang.

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High Times Writer Faces Charges in Major Pot Bust

high times drug bustA senior writer at High Times magazine, the long-running marijuana advocacy journal, is about to face charges related being a member of one of New York’s largest marijuana rings.

High Times magazine is unique in its glorification of illegal activities including growing and using marijuana. The arrest of a High Times staffer seems to be a case of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” since this is not the first time in the magazine’s 40 year history that a staffer has been found to be involved in drug smuggling and distribution.

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Maker of Marijuana-Based Prescription Painkiller Seeking FDA Approval

A British company named GW Pharma is seeking FDA approval to sell a marijuana-based prescription painkiller in the U.S.  The drug, which is administered as an oral spray and is intended for cancer patients, is the world’s first prescription drug that contains raw marijuana.  According to API reports, GW Pharma hopes to begin marketing the new drug, which it calls Sativex, in 2013.

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Feds Discover Elaborate Drug Tunnel and Seize 32 Tons of Pot

The Drug Cartels have literally changed the face of Mexican Culture and the government has really gone to great lengths to fight back against the Mexican Drug Cartels.

This week, federal drug enforcement agents broke up a sophisticated Mexican drug smuggling operation that resulted in the seizure of 32 tons of marijuana. The smugglers used a tunnel to transport contraband from Tijuana to a warehouse in San Diego.  The tunnel, which passed beneath a runway at Tijuana International Airport, included a wooden floor and walls, an elevator, electric lights and a railway system that carried marijuana along a track that stretched for a third of a mile. The street value of the confiscated drugs is estimated to be $65 million, making the seizure one of the largest in U.S. history.

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420 Festival – More Ecstasy than Weed by a Longshot

What do you think of when you read the below lineup.  This is the lineup for a “420 festival” to be held on April 23rd in Silverado (Orange County, California). But, clearly times have changed because this is a hard core electronica lineup and we think the stoners in Marin County who coined the term “four twenty” (referring to a daily ritual – not a police code) probably sue for misrepresentation.

The drugs at this festival will be plentiful and they will include cocaine, meth, ecstasy, LSD, and probably –  a ton of pot too.

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