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Irate Father Destroys Head Shop After Sons Bath Salts Overdose

father takes bat to head shopA man from Jefferson County in New York was arrested last week after he took a baseball bat to the head shop where his son purchased the bath salts that he overdosed on.

Daniel Avery reportedly entered Tebbs Head Shop when it opened and requested to buy bath salts.

When the clerk showed Avery a variety of bath salt products that could be purchased, Avery “snapped” into action.

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Denroy Morgan – Reggae Singer Runs Afoul of the Law in New York

denroy morgan marijuanaDenroy Morgan is a famous reggae star and also is the patriarch of famous Jamaican band Morgan Heritage.  Denroy has fathered 30 children – including the foundes of Morgan Heritage.

On September 14th, 2011, officers stopped Denroy’s  car  in New York and arrested him after noticing an overpowering smell of ganja in the vehicle.

The cops allegedly discovered two large bags containing 25 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of the 66-year-old’s car.

After questioning Denroy, the police returned to the home in the Bronx that Denroy had left and made a seizure of 351 pounds of marijuana. 

Western New York “Hot Shots” Raise the Question of Government Control of Heroin

Police are concerned about recent  epidemic of heroin overdose deaths.

A very dangerous form of heroin has been found by local authorities in Western New York.  The heroin has been showing up both in drug busts and overdose/death toxicology reports.

Police think the heroin is being mixed with an unknown substance that may be linked to two fatal overdoses in March of 2011. Further overdose deaths are suspected to be related to this unknown additive. heroin hot shot

Buffalo Police state that they “don’t know what could be mixed with the drugs or what additive it’s being ‘cut’ with. “Although still under investigation, these recent overdose deaths are highly “unusual” in that “two deaths and again a third could be attributed to heroin in a such a short period of time.”

This January, over 40 people were treated for opiate-based overdoses at just one hospital in the Buffalo area.

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