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2C-I or “Smiles” Linked to Recent Deaths

johnny lewis smiles 2c-iAuthorities are investigating whether a new designer drug played a role in a gruesome Los Angeles homicide that involved a young actor.

Johnny Lewis, who appeared in the series “Sons of Anarchy,” is suspected of being under the influence of 2C -I (also known as “Smiles”) when he allegedly beat his 81-year-old landlady to death and then attacked a neighbor. The neighbor managed to escape and Lewis was later found dead by police after he apparently fell from a wall at the neighbor’s house.

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U.S. Drug Deaths Outnumber Traffic Fatalities

Due to the rise in prescription drug abuse, the number of drug-related deaths in the U.S. now outnumbers traffic fatalities, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Although the number of deaths from most preventable causes is declining across the nation, the death toll from drugs is steadily rising.  Every 14 minutes, someone in America dies from drugs.

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A Mother’s Loss Influences Oxy Legislation

Legislative Action Comes in Memory of Ryan Creedon

Ryan Creedon overdosed on OxyContin on September 4, 2009, he was only 21. Creedon fell into the alarming national trend of abusing prescription pills.

Creedon’s mother, Kathy Creedon said that Ryan would run around Palm Desert California, from doctor’s office to doctor’s office to refill his Oxy prescriptions.

Creedon’s mother said, “It’s like watching your child slowly kill themselves. By the time he was 18 or 19, he had started using prescription medications like OxyContin.”

She also pointed out that it was an addiction that was not easily hidden.
“Every time he would get a job, he would go to work under the influence or he was stealing to support his habit,” said Creedon’s mother. 

What bothered Creedon’s mother the most was how easy it was for Creedon to get his prescription medication. “He went from one end of this valley to the other, getting pills form one doctor, one hospital to another doctor.”

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Acclaimed Jockey Michael Baze Dead from Cocaine Overdose in Kentucky

michael baze cocaine overdose victimMichael Baze, 24, was found dead in his car on May 10 near the Churchill Downs stables in Louisville Kentucky. The toxicology report given by Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Jim Wesley on Friday, said that Baze died from multiple substance intoxication.

The Toxicology report stated that a significant amount of cocaine was in Baze’s system. There was also a significant amount of oxymorphone, which is a pain medication sold under the brand name of Opana.

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Elderly Man Overdoses after Drinking Heroin Tea

On August 21 of last year police found Nicholas Tyrrell, 51, dead in his apartment. A concerned neighbor, Ronald Potter, called the police after he had not seen Tyrrell for four days. An inquest heard last week said that Tyrrell had fatal levels of morphine in his system, which pointed to the misuse of heroin.

Tyrrell had been experiencing anxiety and depression for a number of years. He would drink tea that contained crushed opium poppy seeds that he would purchase on -line. There was one point in time were Tyrrell sought help and stopped the habit, but then he lapsed.

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