Reggae Music and Drug Crime – Seemingly Inseparable

As we cover the news of drug addiction and arrests, we have noticed an inordinate amount of those arrests having to do with Reggae artists.

What is it about the music of Jamaica that tends to appeal to a rough and lawless crowd?

Particularly dancehall reggae artists themselves seem to be getting arrested in high profile criminal cases.

A Seemingly Troubled Nation and Culture

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Ninjaman – A Story of Reggae Redemption Gone Wrong

ninjaman reggaeNinjaman is yet another a dancehall reggae artist who has a history of drug use and arrest.

Ninjaman had many dancehall hits in the late 80s and 1990s. True to the “rude” lifestyle his lyrics embodied, he faced a lot of legal problems and accusations of (among other things) rape and murder. The negative press Ninjaman received led to career troubles and he also struggled with crack cocaine addiction.

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Vybz Kartel Arrested for Murder Charge

As we have been covering the controversial world of Jamaican reggae artists who have been arrested, a recent piece of news came across our desk about  a performer who is accused of murder (and has been exonerated for the crime of marijuana possession).


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