For Teens – Marijuana Can Have Lasting Effects on the Brain


The majority of marijuana users believe the myth that it’s a harmless, non-addictive drug. They may even extol the medicinal value of the drug, despite the fact that the FDA has never approved its use for the treatment of any medical conditions. They may not be aware that recent research indicates that marijuana use can have a lasting effect on the brain.


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Teens Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

Teens who can be desperate to change the way they feel (or simply for a way to feel "high") are apparently drinking hand sanitizer.


According to a report from treatment center Sober Living by the Sea, the teens will either just drink it straight or alter it by using salt.


This is a sad development, because it's probable that drinking the hand sanitizer is more dangerous than just regular alcohol. Indeed, some emergency rooms in Los Angeles have seen teens who have "overdosed" on hand sanitizer.


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New Year’s Eve, Kids, and Drugs

    The verdict is in, and it isn’t good: As predicted, the number of alcohol-related incidents involving underage drinkers on New Year’s Eve tops the list in emergency rooms all over the U.S.

    Many experts in addiction prevention and treatment may find this to be a “no brainer” since underage drinking and other drug use has long been a serious mental health concern; still, it’s difficult to think that it may be you, your child, or someone else you love that lies bleeding and comatose in an ER surrounded by strangers.

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