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Black Tar Heroin “Falling out of the Sky” in Ohio

New data released by the state of Ohio indicates that heroin use is so prevalent that the drug seems to be “falling out of the sky.” The drug, which many drug abusers are turning to as a cheap substitute for prescription painkillers like OxyContin, is being used by children as young as 13. Since prescription drug abuse is a nationwide problem, the heroin situation in Ohio could be just the tip of the iceberg. 

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Surprising Replacement for Methadone – More Heroin

A new study suggests that the most effective treatment for the severe forms of heroin addiction may not be giving methadone or suboxone. Instead, giving addicts therapeutic doses of heroin may keep them in treatment longer and provide more quality of life improvements.

This surprising finding is the result of a recent clinical trial in Canada that involved heroin addicts for whom conventional treatment with methadone had been unsuccessful. The test subjects were divided into two groups. Both groups were given intensive social and medical support, but one group was given heroin instead of methadone.

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Synthetic Heroin Claims More Lives – Banff Canada

This past weekend two people died, and a third almost succumbed to a fatal overdose one in a separate incident almost died. The city of Banff in Canada had just recently released in the local paper “Bannffshire Journal” a warning of the dangers of a synthetic drug being passed of as heroin.

The Bannffshire Journal highlighted and put out the warning because of a man that was found dead from overdose by using the synthetic heroin. Investigation on the two male deaths, are uncertain whether the synthetic drug was involved.

“We would remind those in our communities who use heroin of the inherent dangers associated with taking any form of controlled drug. This has sadly become all too evident given the tragic loss of life in the Banff area over the past few days.” said Inspector Andy Imray, Grampian Police substance misuse coordinator.

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