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Professional Boxers and Drug Abuse

Hector Comacho dead at age 50.Years of substance abuse appear to have led to the death of former world champion boxer Hector Camacho in a drug-related drive by shooting. In November of 2012, former world champion boxer Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, died tragically after he was shot in the head while sitting in a parked car. According to the New York Times, several bags of

Oscar cocaine were found in pockets of a friend of Camacho’s who was with him in the car and also killed.

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Ninjaman – A Story of Reggae Redemption Gone Wrong

ninjaman reggaeNinjaman is yet another a dancehall reggae artist who has a history of drug use and arrest.

Ninjaman had many dancehall hits in the late 80s and 1990s. True to the “rude” lifestyle his lyrics embodied, he faced a lot of legal problems and accusations of (among other things) rape and murder. The negative press Ninjaman received led to career troubles and he also struggled with crack cocaine addiction.

By 1997 he had changed his name to “Brother Desmond” and sought to revive his career as a born again Christian through  the genre of “gospel reggae.”

Ninjaman was assaulted with a machete in 2001 and suffered injuries including some to the head.

In 2009 Ninjaman was arrested and charged with the murder of a man on Marl Road, in Kingston Jamaica.  To the best of our knowledge Ninjaman is still incarcerated.

Cocaine and Mummies in Ancient Egypt

A Mysterious and Unexplained Connection Between Continents

A toxicology report found trace amounts of cocaine in the mummified remains of a body buried thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, then known by the name Kamet. But cocaine 3000 years ago could only be found in Peru and some parts of the Andes… how could ancient Egyptians have acquired such a far away, distant, exotic item?cocaine mummy in egypt

Researchers established the presence of cocaine in the mummified corpses in Egypt and Sudan which date as far back to the time when Columbus landed in America. Was there an ancient trade transatlantic trade route between ancient Egypt and Peru…or…even more difficult to imagine…a Pacific trade route…meaning from the continent of Africa, south east towards India and moving past Indonesia  across the Pacific ocean till reaching the shores of Peru?

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Ecstasy – Still Very Popular and Still Very Dangerous

In England  it is estimated that over a million people take ecstasy every weekend. Imagine that. Pounds of the stuff on that tiny, little island nation.

Under supervised tests done on ecstasy and its effects on the brain, doctors noticed that taking more than two tablets in a limited window of time, say 6 to 10 hours, caused detectable changes in the brain similar to those seen with people who go on to develop Parkinson’s disease.

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