Opioids and the War Against Drugs in America – 20 Years Later

The highly under-published problem of opioid prescription drug abuse actually is one of the main causes of our ongoing drug war.  This drug war is currently being waged locally and nearby is reaching fever pitches in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.


Opioid painkillers are a class of psychoactive substances that are mainly used for pain management and include codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone (among others).


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More Thoughts on the War on Drugs in America

The war on drugs is a term used to describe the federal government's war on drugsattempts to end the manufacturing, import, export, sale and use of illegal drugs through a series of anti-drug initiatives all aiming at the common goal of ending drug abuse.

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Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Continues

Monterrey Casino Attack

The shocking Monterrey Casino Attack last month that killed 53 people and injured many more is yet another tale in a saga of human suffering in the War against Drugs. By some accounts, the War Against Drugs has failed.

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