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Border Patrol Nabs Largest Fentanyl Bust Ever

US Border Patrol

Last week, the federal government announced one of the largest fentanyl drug busts ever, containing 254 pounds of the synthetic drug.

The bust occurred at the Nogales, Arizona border onboard a truck that hid the pills under cucumbers. Alongside the powerful opioid, there was also 354 pounds of methamphetamine. Both drugs have been on the rise in America the past few years, with fentanyl deaths outpacing other opioid deaths rapidly. At its current pace, according to US Customs and Border Control, the opioid epidemic kills ninety people a day.

The fentanyl in the seizure is valued $3.5 million and is twice the size of a haul discovered in a truck stopped by state troopers in Nebraska in 2017.

Fentanyl is quickly becoming one of the deadliest opioids in the United States, and it often comes to the US via China, passing through US Customs undetected. Last year, the opioid task force recommended that Congress fund new machines for the United States Postal Service that detect drugs. The majority of international drug traffickers send shipments of pills through mail services, but drugs like methamphetamine typically come through the US/Mexico border.

Fentanyl is a drug that has been found not only in pill form but also powdered form, which could easily kill a non-opioid user exposed to it. Fentanyl is at least fifty times stronger than morphine, a highly potent narcotic. When handling drugs like these, police officers have to use gloves and sometimes have to cover their mouths and arms to decrease their risk of exposure. Most first responders in America now keep a steady supply of Narcan, an opioid antagonist, on hand to deal with accidental exposure or overdoses. The US Customs and Border Patrol even describes taking precautions for their K-9 units, who have long been at risk of overdose due to the nature of their jobs. (A drug-sniffing dog often sticks its snout near loose drug powder or pills.)

The US Border Patrol stops drug traffickers almost every day of the week. Drugs often come through regular checkpoints, and large amounts of drugs come through trucks and cars.







Unbelievable Ambush of 12 Police in Mexico Underscores Cartel Mayhem

teloloapan police violenceThe stories of murders and public display of corpses are so out of hand in Mexico that they almost defy reality.  This latest chain of events is almost commonplace but sounds like it’s out of a movie.

After 10 people were beheaded in Teloloapan and their heads put on display in the street on Sunday, a team of police were sent in a convoy to crack down.  There was a message threatening the La Familia gang.

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Feds Discover Elaborate Drug Tunnel and Seize 32 Tons of Pot

The Drug Cartels have literally changed the face of Mexican Culture and the government has really gone to great lengths to fight back against the Mexican Drug Cartels.

This week, federal drug enforcement agents broke up a sophisticated Mexican drug smuggling operation that resulted in the seizure of 32 tons of marijuana. The smugglers used a tunnel to transport contraband from Tijuana to a warehouse in San Diego.  The tunnel, which passed beneath a runway at Tijuana International Airport, included a wooden floor and walls, an elevator, electric lights and a railway system that carried marijuana along a track that stretched for a third of a mile. The street value of the confiscated drugs is estimated to be $65 million, making the seizure one of the largest in U.S. history.

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Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Continues

Monterrey Casino Attack

The shocking Monterrey Casino Attack last month that killed 53 people and injured many more is yet another tale in a saga of human suffering in the War against Drugs. By some accounts, the War Against Drugs has failed.

Mexican officials declared the Monterey Casino massacre an “act of terror” where gunmen burst into the casino, sprayed the place with gasoline, and started a fire killing 53 people. The El Norte, one of Monterey’s largest newspapers, quoted officials saying that they expected the death toll to continue to climb and blamed the drug cartels.

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Smuggling Ring Used Mexican Pharmacies to Sell Oxycontin and Vicodin

Authorities in Southern California have arrested 15 people who are accused of being part of a large-scale smuggling ring that operated with a twist – they sent narcotic prescription drugs across the border from California to Mexico.  The drugs were then sold over the counter in Mexican pharmacies to American drug abusers who crossed the border in search of illegal prescription painkillers.  The smuggling ring, which operated for several years, is reported to have netted at least $400,000 in the past six months.

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Calderon Places Blame for Drug Crime Epidemic at the Foot of the U.S.

13 Mexican soldiers are indicted for trafficking drugsshortly before Mexican President Calderon meets with President Obama and blames the drug problem on American consumption. Calderon_obama_drug_summit

Earlier this month President Felipe Calderon meet with President Obama to discuss the violent war on drugs in Mexico.   Also, the Mexican president was expected to defend the next phase of the nearly $1.5 billion U.S. anti-drug aid known as the “Merida Initiative.”

Shortly before this meeting took place, the Mexican Army had three junior officers and ten soldiers on trial for trafficking and organized drug charges, after they were allegedly caught with over a ton of methamphetamines and 66 pounds of cocaine.

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Marijuana “Catapult” at U.S.-Mexico Border

The war on drugs between the United States and Mexico takes a medieval twist as the U.S. border patrol works together with the Mexican army to confiscate a catapult.

Surveillance cameras on the Arizona/Mexico border led to the capture of drug smugglers trying a new approach to get drugs into the U.S. – an

On Friday January 21, 2010 National Guards at the Naco Border Patrol Station, which is about 80 miles southeast of Tucson Arizona, noticed some suspicious activity in their surveillance cameras.pot-catapult

Late in the evening, they saw several people preparing a catapult and launching objects over the International Border fence. The National Guard and Border agents immediately contacted the Mexican authorities to go and investigate.

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