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New Study Reveals Lack of Empathy in Alcoholic Men

Alcoholism causes a wide range of physical and emotion problemsA new academic study has been released that appears to indicate that alcoholic men may suffer from an increased inability to fully grasp concepts such as empathy and irony. In a more general sense, the study supports the conclusion that men who drink to excess appear to lose the ability to understand complex forms of communication. The study included an even number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic men. The study participants were asked to read a story that included a section regarding irony, and then to also read a story where the concept of irony was not present. Shortly after completing these stories, the men in the study completed a written survey to indicate whether or not they felt irony was being utilized.

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Study Suggests LSD as Treatment for Alcoholism

Before LSD became widely used by the Woodstock generation, scientists explored the potential of using the hallucinogenic drug to treat anxiety, pain and alcoholism.

Researchers in Norway have recently revisited the question of whether LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is an effective treatment option for alcoholism.

A research team from Norway’s University of Science and Technology reviewed six U.S. studies on LSD and alcoholism conducted between 1966 and 1970. The studies included 536 people under treatment for alcoholism. One group of test subjects was given a single dose of LSD while a control group was given a stimulant, no drug or a smaller dose of LSD.

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Orange County Sheriff Deputy Shows Up Drunk to His DUI Court Hearing

On Friday Judge Frank Fasel doubled Allan James Waters’ prison sentence from 16 months to 32 months. Waters, aged 33,  is a former Orange County California sheriff deputy. The judge’s decision to give Waters a longer sentence was influenced after Waters showed up drunk in court to face his DUI charge last month.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Linked to Increased Risk of Alcoholism

Gastric bypass and Lap-Band surgery are two increasingly popular procedures that are used to aid in weight loss.  A new study has found a link between gastric bypass surgery and an increased risk of alcoholism. The study’s data indicates that people who are treated with gastric bypass are more than twice as likely to later enter into treatment for alcoholism compared to those who have Lap-Band surgery.

The study, which was conducted by a team of Swedish researchers, compared the medical records of more than 12,000 formerly-obese patients who had received weight loss surgery to approximately 122,000 people who were healthy and had not had surgery.  Before weight-loss surgery, the obese patients were more likely to suffer from depression, attempted suicide and alcoholism than the healthy group.  After surgery, the presence of all of these disorders remained high, but the incidence of treatment for alcoholism was 2.3 time higher among patients who had undergone a gastric bypass procedure that for those who had undergone Lap-Band.

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