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Dozens Overdose on Synthetic Drugs At/Near Homeless Shelter

person on stretcher

Last week, dozens of homeless people overdosed at (and around) a homeless shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana. The site of the crisis was Wheeler Mission, a Christian nonprofit which describes itself as a temporary emergency shelter to homeless and disadvantaged men. Wheeler Mission’s Chief Development Officer Steve Kerr told the media that most of the people overdosed inside or nearby. “We’ve experienced overdoses in the facility before but never ever to this degree.”

The shelter, which also operates a drug treatment center in Indianapolis, believes that somebody distributed synthetic drugs (Spice, K2, or bath salts), possibly laced with PCP to guests at the shelter. A person in a security video smoking the substance dropped to the ground immediately and went into convulsions. One man tried to bite another man in another video the police viewed.

Police arrested 63-year-old Melvin Cannon and 59-year-old Nathaniel Davis of “possession of and dealing in a synthetic drug or synthetic drug lookalike substance.”

Synthetic Overdoses are a Medical Emergency

While staff on-site attempted to administer Narcan to help the overdose victims, police and other first responders were tasked with keeping others within a two block radius alive. Police said they handled 25 overdose calls, and the effects of the toxic concoction lasted up to 48 hours. People who were hospitalized had overdose symptoms consistent with the results of Spice.

Synthetic drugs, however, are almost never the same formulation twice. Created to give a “cheap high” and usually marketed on the street to vulnerable populations such as the homeless, synthetic drugs are unfortunately a trend that is unlikely to end soon.

A week ago, four people overdosed on Spice in New Haven, Connecticut in 24 hours, the first event of its kind. “Every time a synthetic drug enters the market, just like many street drugs, there’s always a bit of a different formulation. There is always a chance that the drug may is laced with something even more toxic. We’re seeing a lot of these drugs being laced with other drugs, PCP, Carfentanil, things to boost the dosage,” New Haven Fire Chief John Alston told WTOL News.

Overdose symptoms of synthetic drugs can range from seizures, a racing heart, unconsciousness, and other immediate feelings of illness or sickness.

2C-I or “Smiles” Linked to Recent Deaths

johnny lewis smiles 2c-iAuthorities are investigating whether a new designer drug played a role in a gruesome Los Angeles homicide that involved a young actor.

Johnny Lewis, who appeared in the series “Sons of Anarchy,” is suspected of being under the influence of 2C -I (also known as “Smiles”) when he allegedly beat his 81-year-old landlady to death and then attacked a neighbor. The neighbor managed to escape and Lewis was later found dead by police after he apparently fell from a wall at the neighbor’s house.

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Irate Father Destroys Head Shop After Sons Bath Salts Overdose

father takes bat to head shopA man from Jefferson County in New York was arrested last week after he took a baseball bat to the head shop where his son purchased the bath salts that he overdosed on.

Daniel Avery reportedly entered Tebbs Head Shop when it opened and requested to buy bath salts.

When the clerk showed Avery a variety of bath salt products that could be purchased, Avery “snapped” into action.

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Update on Bath Salt Attacker

Bath salts made national headlines on May 26, 2012 in Miami, Florida in one of the most gruesome acts of violence in recent history. bath salts zombie

A naked man was found chewing off the face of another naked man on the side of the road.  When approached by police officers and ordered to stop, the suspect (Rudy Eugene) just looked at the officers, growled, and began chewing on the victims flesh again.  Police officers then shot the suspect but the first shot was ignored by the suspect.  The man was eventually shot multiple times and killed by the police.  Both the suspect and victim were homeless at the time of the incident.  The victim, identified as Ronald Poppo remains in critical condition.

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Bath Salts not LSD are Probably Responsible for Face Eating Zombie

face eating zombieThe story of the man eating another man’s face in Miama last Saturday has gone viral.  Rudy Eugene, the perpetrator, was most likely on bath salts according to this report from NPR. 

This makes much more sense than the initial response of officer Armando Aguilar who said: “I don’t know if there’s any such a thing as good LSD out there but apparently this is really bad LSD.” LSD taken in excess can be scary for the user but typically causes them to shut down into a helpless and non threatening state.

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