Trini B, Cesar V, and Jared N are some of the Addiction Reporters. Read our contact us page to see how we really like to be contacted about our articles – through social media.

Cesar addiction reporter

Cesar V is a journalism student at Golden West College and  Fullerton College who pays the bills by researching and reporting on addiction trends and treatment.
Cesar is a great musician, a proud father, and resides in Anaheim, California.
You can contact Cesar by calling 949-637-6696 or emailing cesar-at-addictionreporter-dot-com.


Trini  B is a enrolled at ICDC and plans to complete her CAADAC.
Trini has worked in the recovery field since 2005 and is proud of her seven years of sobriety.
You can contact Trini by calling 949-544-0350 or emailing trinidad-at-addictionreporter-dot-com.

addiction reporter Jared

Jared M is a freelance writer for independent publications including LA Weekly and OC Weekly.
You can contact Jared by calling 949-545-0630 or emailing jared-at-addictionreporter-dot-com.

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