The Addiction Reporter team is a group of individuals who either:

  • have an interest in writing professionally
  • have an interest in working in the addictions field
  • have both of the above

We thrive on getting feedback to our articles and we like nothgin more than seeing people link to, write about, or share our work via social media.  Please feel free to let us know by posting to our facebook page or notifying us through our twitter account.

Contact the Addiction Reporter HQ by Calling 949-554-0350.  Leave a message with as much specific information aobut which article you are commenting or querying about  (so that we can get you in touch with the correct writer.

For information about various substances and treatment services, please visit:

SAMHSA – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

This website has a wealth of information and most importantly a treatment finder.

NIDA – National Institute on Drug Abuse

Also a great resource for information about almost any substance.

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