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New Jersey Governor Wants to Transform Treatment of Drug Offenders

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking the lead on a national issue with a proposal that could change the way that state judicial systems deal with drug abuse.  In his recent State of the State Address, the governor suggested that every nonviolent offender with a serious substance abuse problem undergo mandatory treatment.  The governor then took his proposal one step further and suggested that treatment should take the place of a prison sentence.  Speaking to those who would be affected by the proposal, Governor Christie said, “We want to help you, not throw you away.  We will require you to get treatment.  Your life has value.”

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Orange County Sheriff Deputy Shows Up Drunk to His DUI Court Hearing

On Friday Judge Frank Fasel doubled Allan James Waters’ prison sentence from 16 months to 32 months. Waters, aged 33,  is a former Orange County California sheriff deputy. The judge’s decision to give Waters a longer sentence was influenced after Waters showed up drunk in court to face his DUI charge last month.

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Barack Obama Visits Santiago Chile and Discusses Foreign Drug Policy

In Santiago Chile, Barack Obama focused his attention on the problems arising due to narcotics wars, gun trafficking, and illegal immigration (funded by revenues from drug trafficking).

Guatemalan Drug Criminals

During a series of pivotal stops in Central and South America, Barack kept re-emphasizing that the entire world needs to make the fight against drug trafficking from Central and South America into the U.S. a top concern. Barack made it a global issue by pointing out the revenues that are being funneled from drug trafficking into terrorist training camps abroad. 

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