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Substance Abuse Counselors Change View on Abstinence

According to a study recently published by the American Psychological Association, about 50 percent of substance abuse counselors believe that it’s acceptable for some alcohol abusers* to have an occasional drink as an intermediate or final treatment goal. When it comes to drug abusers, about half of counselors accept moderate drug use as an intermediate treatment goal, while only one-third of counselors accept it as a final goal.

*It should be noted that this survey question referred to “alcohol abusers” not “alcohol dependent individuals (fully addicted).

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Tell Us Something New About Relapses!

As the proverb says, it’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow somebody some good. The Charlie Sheen debacle has been a media bonanza of headline-grabbing among every imaginable form of video, on-line, and print sources – each trying to outdo the other in sensationalism.charlie sheen

Tongues are wagging about porn stars, drugs, and hardcore partying, sometimes at the expense of Sheen’s privacy.

Weeding through the Hollywood hype, at least we find that many issues about addiction and recovery are sharing the spotlight along with Sheen’s wild behavior.

For example, CNN.com reported on 3 February 2011 that addiction is a disease characterized by a strong relapse potential. That noise you hear in the background is thousands of recovering addicts screaming, “Ya THINK? Tell us something we don’t know!”

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