Bath Salts not LSD are Probably Responsible for Face Eating Zombie

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face eating zombieThe story of the man eating another man’s face in Miama last Saturday has gone viral.  Rudy Eugene, the perpetrator, was most likely on bath salts according to this report from NPR. 

This makes much more sense than the initial response of officer Armando Aguilar who said: “I don’t know if there’s any such a thing as good LSD out there but apparently this is really bad LSD.” LSD taken in excess can be scary for the user but typically causes them to shut down into a helpless and non threatening state.

Bath salts, on the other hand, can cause a psychotic reaction that might lead the user to become violent.

Rudy Eugene was most likely in a state of “synthetic cocaine psychosis” which caused him to become violent and also lose all touch with reality.  He was shot dead at the scene of the face eating, and his victim Ronald Poppo is fighting for his life.