Western New York “Hot Shots” Raise the Question of Government Control of Heroin

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Police are concerned about recent  epidemic of heroin overdose deaths.

A very dangerous form of heroin has been found by local authorities in Western New York.  The heroin has been showing up both in drug busts and overdose/death toxicology reports.

Police think the heroin is being mixed with an unknown substance that may be linked to two fatal overdoses in March of 2011. Further overdose deaths are suspected to be related to this unknown additive. heroin hot shot

Buffalo Police state that they “don’t know what could be mixed with the drugs or what additive it’s being ‘cut’ with. “Although still under investigation, these recent overdose deaths are highly “unusual” in that “two deaths and again a third could be attributed to heroin in a such a short period of time.”

This January, over 40 people were treated for opiate-based overdoses at just one hospital in the Buffalo area.

Something Already Unsafe Has Just Become More Dangerous

Police are warning users and distributors that there is “no quality control” when it comes to heroin manufacturer.

Dale Kasprzyk, of the DEA said “that heroin could be mixed with any one of a  number of substances,a ll of which could potentially kill you.”

Even prisons and jails are being hit with this new batch of “brown terror” as one inmate described it.

Overseas the situation isn’t any better. Recently, British politicians have begun to consider the option of reviving the idea of dispensing taxpayer-funded heroin.  This is part of an attempt to get some sort of government control and quality standards set in place to avoid the risk of overdose due to these new unknown additives the heroin is being laced with.  Successful trials of this taxpayer-funded heroin in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe have proven to be effective in eliminating addiction, overdose and drug related street crime.

“It’s time to replace the failed war on drugs with a strict system of legal
regulation,” British MP Bob Ainsworth said recently. “We must take the trade away from organized criminals and hand it to the control of doctors and pharmacists.”

We should also be reminded of the dangers the drug mules risk in transporting this unknown additive laced heroin via their bodily cavities.