Marijuana A Chronic History: Quiz

True or False
1. Marijuana is  America’s # 1 cash crop  bigger – than corn bigger than tobacco True or Falsemarijuana quiz

2. Marijuana has been around since the founding of America True or False

3. Marijuana is not fully legal in any country in the world True or False

4. Washington and Jefferson grew marijuana on their farms True or False

5. The Declaration of Independence was written on marijuana (hemp) True or False

6. Marijuana (hemp) was used as legal tender in the United States True or False

7. 30 % of the country lives in places where marijuana use is decriminalized True or False

8. 100 million Americans have smoked marijuana True or False

9. 20 million Americans smoke it regularly True or False

10. Ganja is a word meaning marijuana in hindi True or False

11.The word canvas comes from cannabis True or False

12. The king of England once once fined American farmers who grew tobacco only – because they were supposed to grow marijuana (hemp) True or False

13. Napoleon outlawed marijuana (hemp) True or False

14. Richard Nixon started “The War on Drugs” in 1971 True or False

15. The UN estimates that 190 million people worldwide are regular cannabis users making it by far the most commonly used “drug” (according to US illegal drug definitions) on the planet True or False

16. Marijuana is not legal in Jamaica True or False

Answers in the next blog post about The History Channel Documentary: Marijuana – A Chronic History