Cannabis, Suicide, and Teens

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If a teenager uses marijuana, are they more likely to have suicidal ideas? New research suggests that the two may be closely related, at least in teenagers. However, teens’ cannabis use may offer a warning sign when it comes to a teen’s mental health.

Marijuana and Suicide Among Teens

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 280,000 young adults ages 18-35 showed that using marijuana was linked to increased thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, and follow-through. While the research isn’t thorough enough to establish a cause and effect of marijuana. However, it does emphasize the importance of mental health among teens. Teens with mental health disorders are more likely to try and use drugs. However, many drugs can exacerbate mental health disorders, increasing depression or anxiety, especially when a person is in withdrawal or ceasing use.

Even among teens who had not reported depressive feelings, the inclination …

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