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Denroy Morgan – Reggae Singer Runs Afoul of the Law in New York

denroy morgan marijuanaDenroy Morgan is a famous reggae star and also is the patriarch of famous Jamaican band Morgan Heritage.  Denroy has fathered 30 children – including the foundes of Morgan Heritage.

On September 14th, 2011, officers stopped Denroy’s  car  in New York and arrested him after noticing an overpowering smell of ganja in the vehicle.

The cops allegedly discovered two large bags containing 25 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of the 66-year-old’s car.

After questioning Denroy, the police returned to the home in the Bronx that Denroy had left and made a seizure of 351 pounds of marijuana. 

Ninjaman – A Story of Reggae Redemption Gone Wrong

ninjaman reggaeNinjaman is yet another a dancehall reggae artist who has a history of drug use and arrest.

Ninjaman had many dancehall hits in the late 80s and 1990s. True to the “rude” lifestyle his lyrics embodied, he faced a lot of legal problems and accusations of (among other things) rape and murder. The negative press Ninjaman received led to career troubles and he also struggled with crack cocaine addiction.

By 1997 he had changed his name to “Brother Desmond” and sought to revive his career as a born again Christian through  the genre of “gospel reggae.”

Ninjaman was assaulted with a machete in 2001 and suffered injuries including some to the head.

In 2009 Ninjaman was arrested and charged with the murder of a man on Marl Road, in Kingston Jamaica.  To the best of our knowledge Ninjaman is still incarcerated.