Using Science to Fight Addiction

According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 21 million Americans currently need treatment for a substance abuse disorder. Ninety percent of them will not receive treatment; many will end up incarcerated because of crimes related to their addiction.

nora volkow NIDA


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Military Funds Development of Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray


With mental disorders among U.S. military personnel at an all-time high,

troubled army veteran

the Army is actively researching tools to combat depression and suicide. One of the many military-funded research projects is evaluating the feasibility of using a nasal spray to quickly relieve symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts.


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Caravan for Peace Calls for End of Mexican Drug Violence

A group of activists are traveling across the U.S. to protest the way the Mexican government has handled its war on drugs. The "Caravan for Peace" will journey 6,000 miles by bus and on foot and visit 25 cities to call for an end to the violence that has left 60,000 people dead and another 10,000 missing since 2006.


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Opioids and the War Against Drugs in America – 20 Years Later

The highly under-published problem of opioid prescription drug abuse actually is one of the main causes of our ongoing drug war.  This drug war is currently being waged locally and nearby is reaching fever pitches in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.


Opioid painkillers are a class of psychoactive substances that are mainly used for pain management and include codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone (among others).


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