Canada Struggling With Influx of Fentanyl

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Canadian MapCanada has been recently inundated with Fentanyl, which is an incredibly potent opiate painkiller that is very popular with those addicted to narcotics.

Recently, one article in particular seems to encapsulate how serious the problem is: A Killer High: How Canada Got Addicted to Fentanyl.

This article chronicles the pain suffered by the survivors of those who overdose, and also features excellent reporting about how easy it is to obtain the drug online.

Other news releases we’ve seen describe how police in Canada are struggling to educate the public on how potent Fentanyl can be.  This month there was a huge pharmacy heist in Hamilton, Ontario, in which a large quantity of Fentanyl was stolen by the perpetrators.  The authorities there are trying to cope with the aftermath by getting the word out that the drug is expected to appear in street level drug deals and could be much more deadly than the recipient realizes.

There’s also recently been the first occurrence of “liquid” fentanyl discovered in Canada.  This speaks to the growing occurrence of the drug being created in home labs (or abroad, in places like China). Obviously, the lack of quality control in situations like this creates a very dangerous possibility that the person who abuses the drug does so in a more potent dose than their body can handle.

Canada does have some great things going for it, particularly their progressive attitude toward treatment for addiction (and health care in general, which is based on a single payer system).

We hope that more solutions than problems travel north from the US into Canada as both countries struggle to cope with the reality that their #1 health crisis is currently the opiate addiction (and overdose) epidemic.