Dudus Coke Made an Example and Sentenced to 23 Years in the U.S.

Weve written a lot about Jamaican music and the connection to drug use and smuggling – including the improbable Buju Banton winning a grammy while facing 15 years on trial for cocaine (he got 10 years).

Drug Lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke might not have made music, but he was a really high profile drug cartel leader in Jamaica.  Dudus was also the subject of a massive manhunt and huge seige in Tivoli Gardens in 2010.  He literally barricaded himself in this area of Kingston where his followers protected him with illegal automatic rifles.  This seige and manhunt was an international sensation.

Dudus was extradited to the united States and was just sentenced to 23 years by a U.S. judge.

Dudus is currently 43 years old.