LSD Ring Busted on Philadelphia Drexel University Campus

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homer acid sheet tripsA trio of men were arrested along with 2 students in an LSD sting in Philadelphia.

The men were selling LSD on sheets that depicted a “psychedelic” homer simpson and Jerry Garcia.

Authorities estimate the men were taking in $5,000-$15,000 a week selling acid using the campus of Drexel University as

Raphael Zappala, Joshua Wayne Dassay, and Wesley Richard Crawford were the menbusted and all appear to be in their 30s in their mug shots. The 2 students are as of yet unnamed.

A Resurgence of Interest in a Powerful Psychological Drug

LSD is a very controversial drug that has waned in and out of popularity in the subculture of drug users.  Factors that have influenced its popularity include the difficulty to produce it and strong penalties enforced for those who are arrested in possession of it.  The drug’s powerful effects have been said to “change the lives” of scores of people who have used it.

Albert Hoffman, a Swiss scientist, accidentally discovered the chemical in research he was doing for Sandoz Laboratories in Basel Switzerland.

The drug has been considered a “miracle” by many and Albert Hoffman wrote a book about it entitled LSD: My Problem Child.  Albert Hoffman Died in 2008 at over 100 years old.

Here is ayoutube video about the bust: