Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Continues

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Monterrey Casino Attack

The shocking Monterrey Casino Attack last month that killed 53 people and injured many more is yet another tale in a saga of human suffering in the War against Drugs. By some accounts, the War Against Drugs has failed.

Mexican officials declared the Monterey Casino massacre an “act of terror” where gunmen burst into the casino, sprayed the place with gasoline, and started a fire killing 53 people. The El Norte, one of Monterey’s largest newspapers, quoted officials saying that they expected the death toll to continue to climb and blamed the drug cartels.

Six hooded gunmen came in firing guns and screaming, drenching the place in gasoline, lighting the place on fire, people running away from the flames. Alejandro Poire, the federal government’s spokesman for security affairs stated that “this act of terror will not go unpunished.”  Mexican officials have long been struggling to combat the drug culture which is glorified in Mexico.  they have even attempted to outlaw “narcocorridos” on the radion and in concert.
A recent string of casino attacks between the towns of Monterey, Saltillo and Reynosa are the main battlegrounds for the war between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. These recent attacks could be rival back-lashings. The Monterey attack was one of the biggest, loudest tragedies we have yet seen in Mexico’s own war against drugs.

I interviewed a man in a town just north of Playa del Carmen, in Quintana Roo Mexico who spoke of Los Zetas like they were mythical bandits above the law. The man (who will go un-named) told tales of Los Zetas speaking to the border check point security guards with loud speakers mounted on their fleet of cars…”We are Los Zetas. Do not stop us. No one needs to die here. Let us through and you will not be harmed.”

One question comes to mind after hearing these “tall” tales. How do you fight armed fleets of drug cartels who are seemingly above the law. The man I interviewed also spoke of Los Zetas as routinely going into prisons to extract important people that they needed for business reasons. They would enter a prison armed, grab their man and leave unharmed.

Food for Thought about the War Against Drugs in America

What if people had prescriptions for recreational, non health related drugs (rather than having to obtain them illegally)? Imagine the money saved on highways at border check points. What could the federal government do with the estimated $50 billion spent on an endless war against a shadowy enemy, that never seems to die or offer any hope of progress or satisfaction to the public who pay for it?

What if schools and hospitals had that anti-drug money to use at their disposal? Imagine! Make a change. Write your local congressman or city councilman and get involved.

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