Calderon Places Blame for Drug Crime Epidemic at the Foot of the U.S.

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13 Mexican soldiers are indicted for trafficking drugsshortly before Mexican President Calderon meets with President Obama and blames the drug problem on American consumption. Calderon_obama_drug_summit

Earlier this month President Felipe Calderon meet with President Obama to discuss the violent war on drugs in Mexico.   Also, the Mexican president was expected to defend the next phase of the nearly $1.5 billion U.S. anti-drug aid known as the “Merida Initiative.”

Shortly before this meeting took place, the Mexican Army had three junior officers and ten soldiers on trial for trafficking and organized drug charges, after they were allegedly caught with over a ton of methamphetamines and 66 pounds of cocaine.

The 13 men were arrested with the drugs at a military checkpoint south of Tijuana Mexico, just above San Diego California. The men are being charged within the military justice system.

This type of corruption is commonly known among the Mexican law enforcement and now spreading to the thousands of soldiers that are supposedly fighting the war on drugs in Mexico.  

Relations between Mexico and the U.S. were already at a low point before the meeting because of great concern over the recent murder of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jamie Zapata and wounding of another officer in northern Mexico.

Calderon was expected to protest the U.S.’s demand for drugs and the flow of guns into Mexico because one of the suspects in the trial of Zapata bought the gun from a Texas man who faces weapons charges. Calderon stated to newspaper El Universal, “As far as reducing the demand for drugs, they haven’t done so. As far as reducing the flow of arms, they haven’t. It has increased.”

Calderon Becoming Famous for his Addiction Stories

Calderon still stands by his opinion that the U.S. is not showing any effort to reduce the consumption of drugs, as he stated in his interview in 2010 to CBS: “We have a neighbor who is the largest consumer of drugs in the world and the problem is everyone wants to sell him drugs through my window or through my door, and that is beginning of the problem of violence in Mexico. So the United States needs to reduce the consumption of drugs one way or the other.”

The stories of officers, bystanders and kidnapped individuals getting murdered in Mexico due to the war on drugs is endless. The count is well over 10,000 people killed in 2010 with an over 50 percent increase from 2009. 

Calderon’s showed CBS his $100-million, state-of-the-art, top secret underground bunker that he has had placed in Mexico City. As Calderon is wiring cameras all over Mexico to gain criminal information this is what he had to say, “Do you remember the program ’24,’ the TV show? Well, I want all the toys, all that. All the instruments needed to be superior to the criminals.” 

With a war that Calderon is losing with his “toys” he had to defend his position with Obama and the next phase of the $1.5 billion anti-drug aid. This is what he said to CBS in November of 2010, “We have a serious problem, yes. However, we are facing the problem… As I said to the Mexican people, it’s going to take us money, it is going to take us time and unfortunately it is going to take human lives.”